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    Account Management

    Every client of Horticulture Services is assigned an account manager. This allows every property manager or board of directors contact person to know what individual to contact with a request, question or concern.

    For more information on our landscape maintenance services, please call us at 651-433-4338


    Jake Louwsma | Sales and Marketing Manager

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2007
    • B.A. Bethel University
    • Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Certified Professional
    • What stands out to Jake at Horticulture Services is the value and care that is placed on it's employees. The organizational culture is such that employees, regardless of role, are respected and treated with value.
    • He loves to be outside doing just about anything from hiking to biking to disc golf.  Otherwise, Jake enjoys reading and learning, cooking, and spending time with his family.

    Brian Davis | Account Manager

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2014
    • B.A. University of Iowa
    • An important memory for Brian is working during big snow storms.
    • He finds joy in running, landscaping at home, woodworking, and spending time with his family.
    HS Website Headshot - Shane Dowell

    Shane Dowell | Account Manager

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2018, full time in 2022
    • M.A. University of St. Thomas
    • A memory of Shane's is that while performing an irrigation inspection at a jobsite, a young boy and his sister were watching him replace one of their sprinkler heads. Their mother came out and, referring to her son, told Shane: "He thinks you have the coolest job in the world!"
    • When not at work, Shane enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, ice skating, canoeing, improving his Spanish, and reading good books.

    BJ Holty | Account Manager

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2017
    • B.A. Bethel University
    • BJ enjoys when he has the opportunity to work with the enhancement crews, he especially recalls the time where he did big tree plantings projects.
    • BJ enjoys quality time with his wife and three daughters. In addition, he likes following sports (particularly baseball), hiking, canoeing, fishing, and even yard work.

    Dustin Wolff | Account Manager 

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2021
    • B.S. University of Minnesota
    • Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Certified Professional
    • Extensive experience in HOA property management
    • What stands out to Dustin about working for Horticulture Services is that everyone is willing to jump in and help with whatever tasks need attention, or take time to teach the best way to do something.
    • In his free time, Dustin likes being busy. He does not enjoy sitting around unless it is to work on a crossword puzzle. Otherwise, he enjoys having a project to work on regardless of what it is as long as it keeps him occupied.