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Careers at Horticulture Services



About Horticulture Services
At Horticulture Services our purpose is to be a great company with great people and valued customers. That’s where you come in. We are looking to hire great people to help us serve our townhome association, landscape maintenance accounts. We do everything we can to make Horticulture Services a fun place to work. Being a fun place to work is so important to us that it is identified as one of our company’s core values. Learn more about that on our company’s core values page which can be found here. We’d love to have you join our team.

What to expect
Professionalism is very important to us at Horticulture Services. We want all of our employees to have a clean, neat, uniform appearance when they are on our jobsites. For this reason we supply each employee with a uniform consisting of five polo shirts, five pairs of workpants, a baseball cap and a sweatshirt at no charge. Our trucks are up to date so as an employee you can be assured you will be comfortable and safe in the truck in which you are riding. We want our employees to feel comfortable with the jobs we are asking them to perform. For this reason our goal to train each new employee before they go out and perform the job on site, whether that be mowing grass, trimming a shrub or planting a tree. We expect a lot from ourselves and our employees, that takes the form of leaving the site perfect, attending to all of the details and being responsive to supervisors.

A Typical Day
A typical day at Horticulture Services begins at 7:30 AM at our shop in Centerville (North of White Bear Lake). You park in the designated parking area in our yard and meet up with others in your division. At that time your Division Lead will distribute crew assignments and work orders for the day. In some divisions the crews and assignments stay the same from day to day, while others vary on a daily basis. Once assignments are made the crews load up their lunches and equipment and head to their first job site. Some days the crew will spend the entire day at one site, while on other days they move from site to site. After the completion of the final site at the end of the day, the crew heads back to our shop. Employees are clocked in when they leave the shop in the morning and are clocked out when they return to the shop at the end of the day, or if they have work to do around the shop they are clocked out when the work is completed.

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