Careers at Horticulture Services

Current Openings

About Horticulture Services

As an employee of Horticulture Services we strive to create a work environment where you feel valued, whether you just started or have worked here from the beginning. We are seeking to hire great people to help serve our landscape maintenance accounts at a variety of townhome associations in the east twin cities metro area. We’d love to have you join our team no matter your level of experience you possess.

What to expect

Professionalism is very important to us at Horticulture Services. We will supply you with a uniform consisting of, shirts, pants, sweatshirts and baseball caps at no charge. It is our desire that you as one of our employees feel comfortable with the job we are asking you to perform, for this reason you will receive thorough training, whether you are mowing grass, trimming a shrub or planting a tree.

A Typical Day

A typical day at Horticulture Services begins at 7:30 AM at our shop south of Stillwater. Once you clock-in, your crew will receive their assignments for the day. Once assignments are made the crews will load up their lunches and equipment and head to their first job site. After the completion of the final site at the end of the day, you and your crew will head back to our shop and clock-out.

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