Trees grow naturally, why prune them? Training Trees in the Landscape

Jake Louwsma CLP | Sales and Marketing Manager
Posted 4/14/2022

Pruning trees is a historic practice serving many purposes. These purposes include tree health, longevity, aesthetics, and safety.

However, some people wonder, “Trees are natural and alive, why do we need to prune them? Why don’t we leave them alone and let them do what they naturally do?”. It’s a matter of context. Yes, trees are alive and grow naturally, but the maintained landscapes we live in are far from natural. Maintained landscapes contain living and natural elements like grass, trees, and plants, but they are not in a natural context. In nature, a solitary tree would rarely be seen growing in the midst of a pristine field of Kentucky Blue Grass. In our maintained landscape spaces, natural things are put together in unnatural ways.  This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s what we humans do, and it is important to understand these differences in contexts.

Cover Photo, Jake Louwsma

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Surface Tree Roots – Why They Happen, Can or Should We Do Anything About Them?

Catherine Nickelson | Arborist | Horticulturist
Posted 07/30/2021

Surface roots are the normal result of a shallow-rooted tree aging. The primary roots of many trees are within 8 inches of the soil surface. As these roots age they increase in circumference, just like a branch or trunk. The root does not reposition itself below the soil, so the thickening results in part of the root showing up in the turf.

Cover Photo, Catherine Nickelson

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