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Our Core Values

We practice CPA

CPA is Courtesy, Promptness and Attention to detail. CPA has become a uniform principle with which we conduct ourselves as an organization. It describes how we interact with our colleagues and clients—with respect, humility, kindness, and always in a timely manner. CPA is the care we take in how we appear, and how we practice our work. Our trucks are up to date and clean, our covered trailers portray a professional image and our clean, green shirts show our clients we care how we appear at their home or workplace. We pay attention to how the whole site looks, not just a single area for which a given individual is responsible. CPA is a state of mind in our organization, we settle only for the best in how we serve our customer and each other, demanding excellence in everything we do.

We are Energetic

Energetic people provide the momentum for others to work harder, work faster and do it with a sense of satisfaction. People want to be around someone who is energetic. For many years a consistent theme from employees of this organization is that they like their job because Horticulture Services is a fun place to work. This fact means a lot. So what make this a fun place to work? It’s partially because some employees have fun personalities, but it’s also the energy and the inspiration that comes from those working hard and doing their job well.

We are Servants

Servanthood is exemplified by characteristics like humility, dedication and reverence. As we look at what it means to be a servant at Horticulture Services, it manifests itself in three ways. How we serve our clients, how we serve each other and how we serve God. We serve our clients as we beautify their homes or places of work. Even in the most frustrating moments we must remember that without a client to serve we have nothing to do. We serve each other by interacting honestly, respectfully, fairly and humbly. We serve God by putting our best into our work, and through how we reverently and respectfully communicate with both clients and each other. It is our call to serve God in all that we do.

We are Innovative

We refuse to settle for status quo. With knowledge and skill we are able to move beyond what good companies do and become a great one. This openness to innovation allows us to use our creativity to bring these new tools, methods, procedures and strategies to life. We do this by exploring, testing and implementing technology, equipment and techniques that keep us on the leading edge of the landscape industry. Through innovation we seek to continually improve in every aspect of our business.

We are Teachers and Learners

We value passing on knowledge and skills to our colleagues. This is achieved by actively teaching during training sessions or work activities, but can also be achieved passively as we model excellent work ethic and technique while working alongside others. We strive to take the time to teach the proper way to complete a task, even though it may be inconvenient to stop what one is doing in order to complete the instruction. Proceduralization is an important part of passing our knowledge to others. We develop standard procedures for every major task we perform and teach those procedures to every employee performing that task. Capitalizing on teaching moments can be difficult, it requires us to assertively correct an improper procedure or behavior. This response is not only sometimes required, but it is expected. We are all still learning, and it is expected that everyone at Horticulture Services be open to learning new skills and techniques. Learning new things is what will allow us as an organization to grow and improve.