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    Our Core Values

    We practice CPA

    CPA is Courtesy, Promptness and Attention to detail; it is a principle with which we conduct ourselves. It describes how we interact with our colleagues and clients—with respect, humility, kindness, and always in a timely manner. CPA is the care we take in how we appear, and how we practice our work. We settle only for the best in how we serve our customer and each other.

    We are Energetic

    Energetic people provide the momentum for others to work harder, faster and with a sense of satisfaction. People want to be around someone who is energetic. A consistent theme at Horticulture Services is that it is a fun place to work. It’s partially because of fun personalities, but it’s also the energy and the inspiration that comes from those working hard and doing their job well.

    We are Servants

    Horticulture Services was founded on Christian-based principles that call us to be servants to our clients, each other, and to God. We serve our clients and colleagues with humility, dedication and reverence. We serve God by putting our best into our interactions and our work.  Servanthood compels us to put the interest of others ahead of our own.

    We are Innovative

    We refuse to settle for status quo. The desire for innovation allows us to use our creativity, experience and skill to bring new tools, methods and procedures to life. Through exploring technology, equipment and techniques we are able to stay on the leading edge of the landscape industry. Innovation allows us to improve every aspect of our business.

    We are Teachers and Learners

    Passing on knowledge and skill to our colleagues is essential to the work we do. This is achieved both by modeling excellent work ethic and technique as well as intentional training sessions. Those with knowledge and skill are expected to take time to teach the proper way to complete a task, even if it means pausing what they are doing to show others a better way. We must all be open to new learning opportunities. Teaching and learning allow us to grow and improve.