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     Finance Team


    Catherine Nickelson | Finance Manager, Horticulturist, Co-owner

    • Began working in 1995 for her father, founder of Horticulture Services, co-owners since 2014.
    • B.S. University of Minnesota
    • ISA Certified Arborist.
    • A memory of Cathy's was a time the crew was installing annual flowers on a sunny day, which quickly turned into downpour. Rain-soaked clothes only made everyone work faster and even maybe have more fun. When done, everyone was drenched but smiling, and when they stepped back to view their work it looked incredible!

    Justin Daeley | Human Resources Manager

    • Began working seasonally in 2008, full time in 2022
    • B.A. Bethel University
    • Something Justin finds most memorable is the time he arrived at work in the morning only to realize he forgot his work boots for the day. As a result, he does not recommend operating a wheelbarrow full of rock during a landscape enhancements project while in flip-flop sandals.
    • Outside of work, Justin enjoys hunting, fishing, and archery.

    Melody Daeley | Bookkeeper

    • Began in 1999 working for her father, founder of Horticulture Services
    • Melody remembers learning about hard work on the jobsite as a little girl alongside her father, Syd. She recalls him telling the crews to not sit down while they work on the job because you want clients to see you working hard.
    • Away from work, she loves to read to her children and have conversations about the hundreds of questions they have everyday.