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    Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    Turf Pesticide and Fertilizer Treatments:
    At Horticulture Services we do our best to control weeds while impacting the environment with the lightest touch possible. We strive to understand how the products we use affect both the plants and the world around us. We understand that with fertilizer timing is everything. By applying fertilizer at the right time of year we are able to get the most out of fertilizer application while using as little as possible. We always use 50 – 100% slow release fertilizer to minimize leaching.

    Detail Crews:
    One practice that sets Horticulture Services apart from our competitors are our dedicated detail crews. These crews have the responsibility to regularly visit each site to look for any improvements that can be made. This includes weeding of planting and foundation beds, dead heading and specialty hand trimming. By not leaving these tasks to a mowing or trimming crew, these dedicated crews can be trained to know exactly what needs to be done on each property throughout the year.

    Ornamental Plant pest and disease management:
    Our account managers, horticulturists and pesticide applicators work together to correctly recognize and diagnose plant pests and diseases at the properties we serve. Once the pest or disease is identified a plan is created to treat the ornamental plants, shrubs, trees or turf. If necessary, our staff doesn’t hesitate to send a plant sample to the University of Minnesota for accurate diagnosis. All of our treatment programs have been modified to prevent damage to pollinators, and we always strive to treat pests and diseases at the right time with the right pesticide.

    We look forward to getting your lawn green and weed-free.

    For more information about our IPM and landscape maintenance services, please call us at 651-433-4338.


    Chris Angus | IPM Division Lead

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 1994
    • Chris has lots of good memories from his many years. Most of those involve having fun with fellow employees on and off the job. These memories range from Snowmobile trips to the U.P. to annual flower and tulip planting in Milwaukee, and even taking in a Brewers game while there. Chris values the unique opportunity of working alongside and learning from Syd.
    • His hobbies include hunting and fishing, camping with family, driving back roads just to see where they go and spending time in the outdoors.

    Mark Beatie | IPM Specialist

    • Began at Horticulture Services in 2018.
    • Mark has over 45 years of horticulture and agriculture experience.
    • Mark finds joy in teaching young people the trade; seeing how they grow and develop their skills, talents, and confidence through the season.
    • He enjoys spending time on the family farm in South Dakota, working with friends, and tracking his family roots.

    Eric Sands | Senior IPM Specialist

    • Began working for Horticultures Services in 2014
    • Something significant for Eric is that he met his wife simply by being at the right place at the right time spraying trees. If he would have been at that site on a different day, they probably would not have met.
    • He enjoys time with family, both summer and winter fishing, documentaries, and learning new things.