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Full Service Landscape Maintenance Services

Horticulture Services provides landscape maintenance services to homeowners associations and commercial properties in the east half of the Twin Cities metro area. Our account managers work directly with homeowners association boards, property managers and commercial building managers.

Horticulture Services staff are professionally trained, keeping up with current horticultural advancements. Our staff is experienced in recognizing and discovering existing or potential problems and providing solutions when problems arise. It is always our goal educate our customers about what is going on with their landscape and how to best manage the problem.

Lawn Mowing Services:
Mowing services are typically provided on a weekly basis during the growing season. Our trained staff focuses on the details, things like Straight eye-catching mowing stripes and evenly trimmed curbs.

Turf Pesticide and Fertilizer Treatments:
At Horticulture Services we do our best to control weeds while impacting the environment with the lightest touch possible. We strive to understand how the products we use will affect both the plants and the world around us. We understand that with fertilizer that timing is everything, by applying at the right time of year, we are able to get the most out of fertilizer application while using as little as possible, we always use 50 – 100% slow release to minimize leaching.

Our trained staff use pesticides appropriately, spot spraying as much as possible, targeting problem areas while leaving unaffected areas untreated. When broadcast spraying does happen, it is timed for maximum effectiveness.

Tree and Shrub Trimming:
Tree and shrub trimming is completed when seasonally appropriate by our horticulturist trained staff. Because of training we know what and when to trim different varieties of trees and shrubs.

Bed Maintenance:
One practice that sets Horticulture Services apart from our competitors is that we have devoted detail crews. These crews have the responsibility to police the site and address any details they see. This includes mostly weeding of planting and foundation beds. By not leaving these tasks to a mowing or other crew, our detail crews can be trained and specialize in taking care of and staying on top of the landscape beds.

Ornamental Plant pest and disease management:
Our account managers, horticulturists and pesticide applicators work together to correctly recognize, diagnose and treat ornamental plants, shrubs and trees when a pest or disease is found. Our staff doesn’t hesitate send a sample in to the University of Minnesota for accurate diagnosis. All of our treatment programs have been modified to prevent damage to pollinators. We always strive to treat pests and diseases at the right time with the right pesticide.

For more information about our Minnesota Landscape Maintenance services, please call us at 651-433-4338.

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