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    Lawn Mowing

    Lawn mowing services are typically provided on a weekly basis during the active growing season. Our trained staff focuses on details like straight eye-catching mowing stripes and evenly trimmed curbs. Our dedicated mowing crews aren’t distracted by weeding or shrub trimming. We strive to keep a regular schedule so you know when their property will be mowed. Our mowing service also includes spring and fall cleanup when accumulated leaves and debris are removed from lawns and composted off site.

    We look forward to leaving our signature stripes on your lawn.

    For more information on our mowing and landscape maintenance services, please call us at 651-433-4338


    Roberto Quezada | Mowing Division Lead

    • Began working for Horticulture Services in 2007
    • Serves as the company’s primary translator
    • Memorable for Roberto is when he first started working for Horticulture Services, most of the employees were his family or friends. He appreciates that the friendly environment still remains. Additionally, Roberto values the opportunity to lead the mowing division.
    • Outside of work Roberto enjoys hanging out with family, baseball, Fishing, Soccer, Riding horses, Grilling and translating.

    David Angus | Senior Crew Leader

    • Started working for Horticulture Services in 2011.
    • David's favorite memories are the Horticulture Services’ Christmas parties.
    • He enjoys the outdoors, winter skiing, working out at the gym, and Jocko podcasts.

    Enrique Quezada Lepez | Senior Crew Leader

    • Started working for Horticulture Services in 2005.
    • Enrique has enjoyed achieving a mastery skill level running a mower, and leading his crew.
    • Outside of work you can find Enrique dancing, playing baseball, and camping with family.

    Jose (Chema) Ramirez Orozco | Senior Crew Leader

    • Started working for Horticultures Services in 2010.
    • Chema appreciates being able to enhance his home with the skills he has learned from Horticulture Services.
    • He enjoys fishing and watching baseball with his children.

    Gerardo Solis | Senior Crew Leader

    • Started working for Horticulture Services in 2012.
    • Gerardo enjoys the challenge of training new employees that don't catch on quickly.
    • Outside of work, Gerardo enjoys working in the yard and taking care of his home.