Expect Professionalism

Our Team



Chris Angus | IPM Division Lead
Began in 1994
Has worked in many areas of the company, with most time focused on the trimming and enhancement crews
Presently IPM Division Lead, oversees pesticide and fertilizer applications, and detail crew


Brian Davis | Account Manager
B.A. Biological Sciences, University of Iowa
Began in 2014
Has Served in the enhancement division as a crew leader
Began as an Account Manager in August of 2017, with a strong understanding how to solve landscape problems through landscape enhancements


Melody Daeley | Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable
Began in 1999 for her father, founder of Horticulture Services
Has Served on detail crews, and multiple administrative functions
Presently serves as bookkeeper, handles all accounts receivable functions and oversees accounts payable


Jeff Farrington | Account Manager
B.A. Marketing with a Minor in Horticulture, Iowa State University
Began in 2015
Served as Mowing Division Lead
Manager at Linder’s Garden Center for 13 years
Jeff specializes in planning and designing seasonal color displays


BJ Holty | Account Manager
B.A. Education, Bethel University
Began in 2017
Physical Education Teacher in Minnesota and California for 8 Years
BJ is an excellent communicator, and enjoys developing relationships with his clients and continually expanding his horticultural knowledge


Aaron Johnson | Irrigation Division Lead
Certificate in Landscape Technology, Anoka Technical College
Began in 2014
Has worked as an Irrigation Technician
Oversees and dispatches all irrigation technicians, and provides irrigation system audits


Todd Kofski | Operations Manager
Began working seasonally in 1995, full time in 2007
Has served in several roles with the company including mowing, Mowing Division Lead, Irrigation Specialist, Shop Supervisor, and Business and Fleet Manager
Operations Manager since 2016, completes all operations purchasing as well as managing the fleet, equipment, and overseeing day to day operations


Robbie Langenbach | Enhancement Division Lead
Began in 1998
Has worked as a Mowing Crew Leader and Irrigation Technician
Presently Enhancement Division Lead, overseeing crews that complete site improvements


Jake Louwsma | Sales and Marketing Manager
B.A. Biblical Studies with a Minor in Leadership Studies, Bethel University
Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Certified Professional – Landscape
Began in 2007
Has served as Shrub and Tree Trimming Crew Leader, Shrub and Tree Trimming Division Lead, Account Manager
Currently oversees new sales, marketing, and supervises account managers as well as maintaining his own account management portfolio


Catherine Nickelson | Finance Manager, Horticulturist, Co-owner
B.S. in In Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
Began in 1995 for her father, founder of Horticulture Services
Has worked in multiple areas of the company, including arboriculture and Account Management
Co-Owner since 2014, Finance Manager, Horticulturist. Has a special interest in arboriculture and assists account managers with horticultural support in multiple areas. ISA certified arborist


Trent Nickelson | Co-owner, Trimming Division Lead
Began in 2001
Has Served in the Irrigation Division, Shrub and Tree Trimming crew leader, Shrub and Tree Trimming Division Lead, Irrigation Division Lead
Specializes in research and Development, watching industry trends and innovation


Tim Olson | Human Resources Manager
B.A. Education, Bethel University
Began in 2017
Previously was an elementary school teacher
Oversees all aspects of human resources including hiring, benefits and safety


Roberto Quezada | Mowing Division Lead
Began in 2007
Has worked as a Mowing Crew Leader
Mowing Division Lead since 2016, oversees the mowing schedule, crews and mowing quality control. Serves as the company’s primary translator


Jeff-WilsonJeff Wilson | General Manager
B.A. Education, M.A. Organizational Leadership, Bethel University
Began in 1995
Has worked in every division and multiple administrative capacities within the company
General Manager since 2012, specializing in organization structure and leadership development