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Reflections on 30 Years in Business: What I Learned From Our founder

By: Jeff Wilson | General Manager
Posted 09/05/2019

Despite what the title says, I can’t actually reflect on the full 30 years, but I can reflect on 25+. There were a few employees before me, but no too many. Only our founder Syd Stephan goes back to the beginning. You see in those early days Syd was a one man show, doing some basic landscaping services and consulting out of the back of his Oldsmobile station wagon. (Click here to learn more about those early years).

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lawn care showing a man dethatching his lawn

The Myth of Dethatching

Syd Stephan | Founder | M.S. Horticulture Science, University of Wisconsin
Posted 09/26/2017

Every year, thousands of gallons of fuel are burned and tons of debris are added to compost sites because of an unnecessary process called lawn dethatching. Dethatching, also called “power raking”, is generally done for one of two reasons: In spring, in an attempt to clean up a messy looking lawn just after the snow has melted, or, in the fall, to reduce the thatch layer present in the turf.

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Ornamental grass

Why Cutoff Perennials?

Catherine Nickelson | Horticulturist | B.S. Horticulture, University of Minnesota | ISA Certified Arborist
Posted 10/13/2017

Along with cooling Minnesota temperatures and fading sunlight, fall brings special maintenance tasks for perennials. One of these tasks is the removal of foliage by cutting off the plant at ground level. This is recommended for aesthetic purposes as well as for the health and longevity of the plant.

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Team Working

The Importance of Mulching

By: Catherine Nickelson | B.S. Horticulture, University of Minnesota | ISA Certified Arborist
Posted 08/18/2017

Why do we bother mulching around trees, shrubs, and perennials? It is often expensive, has to be frequently re-applied, and doesn’t even totally stop weeds. Do we only use it because it looks pretty? While it may look nice, the real purpose behind applying organic mulch is not merely aesthetic, nor is it solely weed prevention. Mulching around plants creates one of the best environments for growing in our urban soils.

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What is IPM?

Jake Louwsma CLP | Account Manager
Posted 05/30/2017

Have you ever heard the term “IPM” in the context of landscape maintenance and wondered what it means?  IPM is a term that’s thrown around quite a bit but isn’t often defined; leaving people confused, and sometimes too self-conscious to ask what it means.  By the end of this blog post, you should have a basic idea of what is meant by the term “IPM”.

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