Water Conservation and Turfgrass

Jeff Farrington | Account Manager
Posted 06/16/2021

For many people the idea of water conservation and lush turfgrass do not go together, but it is possible to be both responsible about water usage and maintain a healthy lawn. Minnesota is blessed with many lakes, rivers and streams, as a result, water use and conservation have been an afterthought. Although we don’t have the same water shortages in Minnesota as in other parts of the country, water conservation is an important practice to ensure that we continue to have a plentiful supply of water.

Cover Photo, Jeff Wilson

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Fertilizer Application

Why Proper Turf Fertilization is Necessary

Catherine Nickelson | Horticulturist | Arborist
Posted 05/09/2017

Turfgrasses are one of the most populous plants used in our landscape and they are forced to grow on some of the worst situations. High demands are placed on these energetic plants that make up the carpet of our lawns. These tough grasses are required to hold a rich green color spring through fall. They must stand up to foot and vehicle traffic like no other plant. We ask them to be soft on our children’s bare feet and durable against our pets’ claws. We require all of this be accomplished on top of nutrient poor, stripped, and compacted urban soils.

Cover Photo, Horticulture Services

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