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The Benefits of Aeration

Syd Stephan | Founder | M.S. Horticulture Science, University of Wisconsin
Posted 09/26/2017

Aeration is one of the most beneficial practices in maintaining a healthy turf. Aeration is a low impact, sustainable practice requiring no pesticides or chemicals. Aeration improves absorption of water reducing the need for irrigation. By improving the vigor of the turf, aeration also reduces the need for applied fertilizer and weed killers. A healthy turf is more resilient to traffic and is less susceptible to diseases.

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Fertilizer Application

Why Proper Turf Fertilization is Necessary

By: Catherine Nickelson | B.S. Horticulture, University of Minnesota; ISA Certified Arborist
Posted 05/09/2017

Turfgrasses are one of the most populous plants used in our landscape and they are forced to grow on some of the worst situations. High demands are placed on these energetic plants that make up the carpet of our lawns. These tough grasses are required to hold a rich green color spring through fall. They must stand up to foot and vehicle traffic like no other plant. We ask them to be soft on our children’s bare feet and durable against our pets’ claws. We require all of this be accomplished on top of nutrient poor, stripped, and compacted urban soils.

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