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    Tree and Shrub Trimming

    At Horticulture Services we have refined the trimming process to be timely, effective and efficient. Tree and shrub trimming is completed when seasonally appropriate by our horticulturist trained staff. As with our other divisions, these crews specialize in trimming and have an understanding of how and why they use certain timing and trimming methods on the variety of shrubs and trees they encounter.

    For more information on tree and shrub trimming and our landscape maintenance services, please call us at 651-433-4338


    Matthew Zey | Trimming Division Lead

    • Began working seasonally in 2020, full time in 2022
    • Has taught middle school science
    • A favorite memory of Matt's is when he drove a Dingo across the shop, only to find a trail of red hydraulic fluid left behind. He quickly became friends with the oil-dry.
    • He enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, and woodworking projects.

    Richie Vivaldo | Senior Crew Leader

    • Started working for Horticulture Services in 2011.
    • Richie appreciates feeling that he is a valued part of a team while at Horticulture Services.
    • He enjoys playing soccer, fishing, grilling, and trimming tall spruce trees.